MONOXIDE: Behind the Name

When you break down the word MONOXIDE, you get MONO & OXIDE which is literally one breath. Whenever I tell people the name of my brand I get two reactions. They either think its totally awesome or I get a confused grimace. I like the people who grimace because that tells me that they’ve already made a split-second assumption about me and my brand and while that sucks, it also means I can still blow their mind with the amazingness of MONOXIDE.

I chose the name MONOXIDE because I liked the idea of one breath and what it symbolizes. We take a deep breath to relax ourselves, to calm ourselves and to even steel our nerves before something big. But we also gasp when we’re surprised and when we’re elated or shocked. Though we aren’t speaking words we are portraying an emotion with that simple act. I am fascinated by the duality of things as they present themselves in my life and MONOXIDE is no different. The name is hard but with a soft meaning and this one word I feel perfectly encapsulates my brand which is bold yet modern and perfect for any occasion and portrays an emotion with the simple act of choosing to put a bit of luxury in your everyday.