No shame in your shoe game!

As much as I would love to be Cinderella with my very own custom made-Fairy Godmother-glass slippers, I will settle for my taupe suede booties or my classic black Converse sneakers. Now, my mother always gave me this little piece of advice, “Clothes will shrink and stretch, you will gain weight, and it will eventually be out of style, but shoes, shoes will always fit.” I have to agree. Shoes will always fit! So if you’re like me and you love wearing just basically black and white, the easiest, and might I add, the best investment, are shoes! Shoes come in different styles, texture, colors, height, and length! So aside from my usual black leggings, black boots, black shirt, black jacket get up, I also like to venture into what I like to call the “couch potato athlete”. You know, the look that says, “If I wear workout clothes, it’ll make me look like an achiever, when in truth, getting into these workout clothes was the closest thing to an exercise I’ve done in months, and I don’t even have a gym membership.” Yeah, that’s the look. Truth be told, I’m quite the pro at it. Now before I get too carried away, back to shoes! One of the fastest way to dress up any look and I mean any look, is your shoe game. So, I’ll sloppily throw on a distressed white tee, yoga pants, then finish the look with my neon-colored Nike running shoes, and the compliments roll in and the feeling of “hey, I don’t look like a bum” hits the spot! Or if I want to keep it extra casual, I’ll throw on a sold color tee, boyfriend jeans, and a pair of open-toed, camel wedges and my olive green bomber jacket, just to keep me looking upbeat without looking, too overdressed. So whether you’re going to work, grabbing coffee with a date, going out with your friends, but aren’t feeling the whole “let-me-where-something-I’ll-probably-never-wear-ever-again” just add a sexy pair of heels or bright colored booties to give yourself a fierce and pulled together look, because the right pair of shoes can help a lady conquer the world.


These are my top three steps on how to beat the styler’s blues and kick start any rut you may be in. It’s not too much of a drastic change and easy enough to do. So I’ll leave you with this little piece of advice, open yourself to life, because more often than not, we find ourselves dazed and lost in our own problems, the future, and the unknown. Yet, that’s what makes life so beautiful. It’s the unknown, the inevitable fact that, no matter how much we try to map out our lives; it will eventually sort itself out, so go ahead, buy those peak-a-boo booties you were eyeing, try a daring new lip color, test a Pinterest, DIY hairstyle, and smile. Smile, because that doesn’t cost a thing, and remember life will open up when you do, so embrace who you are. 



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