Don’t be afraid of neutrals!

Now this step may be just a tad contradicting to my previous step, but let me explain. I love neutrals. I can throw on just about any shade of nude lipstick, nude eye shadow and call it a day. However, the magical thing about nudes is that it comes in all different types of tones. So if you’re fair skin like me, opt for a nude lipstick that is a bit more on the pinker side. If you are more on the olive tone like my roommate, then perhaps a shade of nude that is more on the richer, deeper chocolate brown side, perhaps even ones that have a hint of mauve or violet. As for clothing, I will forever be an advocate of monochromatic black, head-to-toe wear. So go ahead, dress in that monochromatic shade of whichever color you like. For me, it’s black! Yet, the beautiful thing is, I always add a little bit of dimension to my monochromatic ensemble by accessorizing with a more subtle smokey eye makeup look and nude lip color! Sometimes, I’ll opt for no eye makeup, throw a gloss on the lips, and then add a simple jewelry piece that has just a hint of color. Lastly, I’ll spice things up with another neutral color, such as adding a white faux fur vest to my black ensemble with nude lips and eyeliner, just so it jazzes thing a bit!  

Until next week!

XO Bao

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