Shoot the Messenger: Style Recap

Traditionally Canadian television has taken a back seat to the more dominant reach of American television. However, there has been a noticeable shift this season on the fall lineup for CBC. Last night, I watched the season premier of Shoot the Messenger. The new show centres on Daisy Channing, a young journalist who stumbles into the criminal underworld after witnessing a murder. The episode was rife with unexpected trysts and featured familiar faces from other beloved Canadian shows. I was so happy to see Lyriq Bent from Rookie Blue, Alex Kingston from Dr. Who and blast from the past Lucas Bryant from Haven.

The premier had decidedly darker overtones and was easy to relate to as it dealt with current affairs and familiar places that the viewer could easily recognize. I won't give any spoilers away but the ending of the episode definitely had me wanting more. The premier did a great job of storytelling and world building, introducing believable characters with great opportunities for story arcs. 

Alex Kingston plays feisty editor Mary Fowler in the show. Mary is equal parts sexy- from the flash of her in a black lace bra- and equal parts a powerhouse, shown in the scene where she forcefully commands the main character into her office. Mary had a series of classic outfits throughout the episode but was sparse on accessories. I was particularly fond of the tailored men's shirt that was paired with a black classic cut skirt. However I must admit an ankle cut is a bold choice. An above the ankle cut on a skirt is a hard look to pull off but the cinch of the waste still gave Alex a shape without being too matronly. 

Monoxide Style-Alex Kingston-CBC-Shoot the Messenger-Mary Fowler


As I stated before Alex Kingston had little to no accessories on screen but the cool palette of her outfit provides the perfect foundation of an outfit that can take you from day to night. For a day look in the office our Aya Double Layer Necklace is a great choice. Pair this look with our Gemini Choker to make more of a statement after hours.

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