Gerard Butler and Amy Adams: The Best in Fall Festival Circuit Style

The Todd Shapiro Show once again be hosted the exclusive OomPH! Lounge, broadcasting live during the film festival in Toronto. The venue for this year’s lounge was a spectacular penthouse suite in the prestigious Theatre Park residences. The 7-day multi-branded event featured cool cult brands like Lorelyn Gourmet Desserts, Mess Los Angeles apparel and Lovacado wellness oils. Monoxide Style Jewelry was a particular standout, a collection of bling brimming with moxie and mojo! The clever use of crystals with edgy, non-traditional metals was highly impressive. We especially loved meeting Hugo Marrello and learning about the upside of ProteinBake Bars before and after exercise. They are beyond yum, as well as containing nutritious healthy ingredients including cocoa, honey, protein powder + berries. The lounge engages the most dynamic social media influencers, filmmakers, actors and musicians to create a cool, “plugged in” networking environment.