About us

Monoxide Style founder and designer Tyler Ferguson is a self taught jewelry designer who started out creating pieces for herself that she could not find in the marketplace. Born in Toronto and raised in Canada and The Bahamas; she is the product of Caribbean parents with global sensibilities; and often jokingly refers to herself as a "Cabajayan" (Canadian/Bahamian/Jamaican). She was a maker from an early age but her creativity originally lent towards writing, and initially this was the career path she intended to pursue. However, after working part-time in the wholesale jewelry business and later as part of the family retail business; she found she could not deny her love for fashion and especially her passion for jewelry.

"There is something fascinating about the concept of telling a story visually, and for me that is how I design my jewelry. By taking reclaimed and vintage pieces and combining them with semi-precious stones, I'm able to take something that has been forgotten and create a new connection in the world... TELL A NEW STORY. It's still writing I'm just doing it with jewelry instead of words this time."-Tyler Ferguson

 Using quality materials, Monoxide Style creates stylish items in short run collections or by custom order that are unique, fun and most of all tell a story; your story.

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